Better Launch

Whether it's your first landing zone in your first cloud, a new landing zone in a new cloud, or improving your current landing zones, we can help establish and automate your landing zone with the latest best practices. In addition to published best practices we bring our experience in multi-tenant, multi-region, multi-cloud landing zones. Get better landing zones, account vending, and networking.

Better Security

Cloud Security is always job zero. A good security design, security visibility, and incident response are keys to protecting your cloud, your business, and your reputation. Whether it's a new strategy, improving a current strategy, or reviewing with a second set of eyes, our better security solutions can provide you the peace of mind to operate your cloud securely.

Better Operations

Many times clouds launch with the best of intentions. We spend a lot of time on design, and deployments of our initial cloud landscape. But then what? We have deployed and we turn over the infrastructure and apps to cloud operations. At this point it's common to not continuously improve the operations of the cloud and bring more automation, visibility, and efficiency. Our better operations offerings will help you operate better and more efficiently.

Better Accounting

Viewing cloud costs by the minute or hour paints a picture of cheap and easy. However in practice these small costs add up quickly, expand across an entire enterprise, and bring blame to cloud operations and cloud architecture to lower costs. Knowing your spend, who is spending, where it is spent, and how much it is increasing and where, is key to successful cost strategies in single or multi public clouds. Our accounting team brings years of corporate account experience, along with automation and reporting of cloud costs to bring you better cost and usage reports broken down and analyzed for your business.